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Wang Thai Restaurant

Wang Thai is a fairly well-known restaurant in Itaewon. Even if you haven't eaten there yet, you've probably seen photos of their food on the walls while going up the stairwell to browse books at 'What the Book.' That was the case for me. I had seen the photos and knew the restaurant was there, yet never really thought of trying them out. But then after the bake sale on Saturday, we were all super hungry and Daniel Gray suggested eating at Wang Thai for our late lunch, saying they had a good vegetarian menu.


I actually arrived at the restaurant later than everyone else, so I just told Lilian over the phone to order me some red curry (my fave Thai dish!), and just to double check with the waiter that the soup stock was vegan. And by the time I joined them, my hot pot of curry was there waiting for me. :) She said that ordering my vegan dish was no problem at all, and that the server assured them that their stock was vegetable-based.


The red curry was delicious. It was coconutty, rich, salty and slightly sweet, and those green peppers added a nice spicy punch. The only thing missing was the bamboo shoots,.. oh, and some cubed tofu would've been nice! :)


After our main meal, we were all served bowls of refreshing, cold, sweet coconut milk with tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls are vegan, right?


I checked out their menu later, and they have an entire page of vegetarian dishes. How awesomeeeee! Actually a few of the dishes state that they use oyster sauce, so you still have to be careful and double-check with the server, but still~~ Now that I know Wang Thai has this entire separate veggie section, I am definitely going there again. I don't have to worry about the soup stock being animal-based, service is great, and and the restaurant staff seem knowledgeable about veg*anism which is very reassuring.


Interior shot. Not the greatest lighting or ambiance during the day, but the space is clean, large and I like the comfy chairs.

Check restaurant website for map and menu.

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