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Taj Palace again

It seems like most of my blog posts these days take place in or around Itaewon! I usually only go to Itaewon to buy beans at the foreign food mart, but lately, I've had reason to spend more time there, whether it was for the bake sale, the art show, or just to meet up with friends. I know a lot of people who can't stand going to Itaewon because of its sketchy alleyways and rowdy night-time party scene, but personally, I really enjoy this part of Seoul. I love the diversity of people, the different languages, the English bookstores, the foreign food mart, and the plethora of international cuisine. Whatever your opinions are about Itty, you can't deny that there are some awesome veg-friendly dining spots there.

Last week, I was in town for a farewell dinner for Angela, a friend I met through this blog. We originally wanted to go to a West African restaurant there because Angela has also spent time in Ghana, and we have both been craving red-red and fufu for the longest time. However, we got to the restaurant and they were closed for the day! Boooo! Thankfully, we were in Itaewon where there is never a shortage of good veg-friendly eateries, so we just walked a little further and went to Taj Palace for some tasty Indian grub.


These days, this is the only place I get Indian food in Itaewon, and one of the very few Indian restaurants I frequent in Seoul. They are reasonably priced for their portions and the staff are very accommodating for vegans. Oh and ofcourse, the food is good. I also noticed on this visit that they recently redesigned their menu and there were a few new veg-friendly dishes! Can't wait to go back and try all of them.


vegan roti. (2,000won for 4 pieces)


My order of Aloo Palak, without any cream/yogurt on top... . potato chunks, sauteed spinach, garlic, red peppers, onions, and other deliciousness. (12,000 won)


Kia's vegan dish (no cream). I didn't get the name of this dish, but it had mushrooms and corn (12,000won). This one definitely has an awesome spicy punch, for those who like a good sweat.

Here are some other images of Taj Palace's dishes I took when my mom and I ate there a while back:

Taj palace

Aloo Gobi

Taj palace

Dal Tarka

Taj palace

Roti and some nan. Their nan is not usually vegan, but they were able to make a vegan version for us on the spot!

Taj palace

corn soup


Sunset in Itty

Directions to Taj Palace: Itaewon station, line 6, exit 3. Walk straight, turn right after Dunkin Donuts and walk up the hill (towards the Foreign Food Mart). Taj Palace will be on your right, on the 2nd floor. 3-minute walk from subway station. Check website for map.
Hours: 11am-10pm, 7 days a week.
Address: Seoul-si Yongsan-gu Itaewon 1(il)-dong 132-2 2F
Tel: 02-790-5786

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