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Random Cheonan eats

I've been meaning to mention this on the blog earlier, but I'm moving back to Seoul tomorrow! The old tenant ended up moving out a few weeks early, so now I'm taking over the place ahead of schedule. Yay!!! Not that I haven't enjoyed being in Cheonan with my parents, but I miss Seoul life and friends, and this awkward transition period has made me a bit anxious. I've had this uncomfortable feeling of my life being on hold, even though I've been keeping busy with the bake sale, painting, and taking bake shop orders. I'm looking forward to getting settled, painting and baking more, exploring my new neighborhood, and inviting friends over for dinner. :)

Anyway, onto some random foods that I've been eating:


Now that the weather is getting chilly, I've been baking lots of comforting pumpkin bread, not just for orders, but also for myself to enjoy. This is the same pumpkin bread as the one on my bake shop, except that I replaced the walnuts and chocolate chips with cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds, and also made it flatter.


fall is here!


My mom's japchae noodles


Salad made from home-grown greens.


Rice with beans, japchae noodles, kabocha squash, miyuk guk, vegan kimchi, and red bean banchan. Healthy, varied, balanced, and tasty!


And here is what is probably my last patbingsu of the year. I just used my mom's food processor to grind up some ice cubes, and then added some sweetened red beans (팥), pears, frozen mango cubes, and soy milk. Cold and delicious!


Bunny hammin' it up for the camera... or i just caught her mid-chew. I think Bunny has enjoyed her stay here too. Little does she know, she'll be back in the big city tomorrow.

Well, that's about it for today. I gotta finish packing everything up, and the next time I blog, I'll be settling into my new apartment in Seoul! See ya!

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