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Bake Sale for East Africa: success!

Phew, what a weekend! The vegan bake sale fundraiser for the horn of Africa went amazingly well and we were able to raise a whopping 1,200,000won (around $1,100) in less than 3 hours! That breaks all the other records for the bake sales I've participated in. Amazing.


There isn't a whole lot I can write to recap the event because it all went by so fast! We got a good mix of customers who came specifically for the event, and also people just passing by who were curious as to what we were doing. Once things got started, we got a steady stream of people coming through and before we knew it, everything was sold out and we were already packing up the tables! Woahhhh!

Here is part of our all-vegan spread:


Kia's brownies & blondies...


biscotti, apple-rosemary scones, chai cupcakes, and lemon cake all made by Kia, and cinnamon rolls by Raphaelle.


a close up of Raphaelle's cinnamon rolls.


Fiona contributed these three drool-worthy cakes! German apple cake, mango cake, and java chocolate cake. She also brought her traditional New Zealand chocolate afghan cookies.


Thanks to Sae Hee and Fiona, we had a diverse selection of gluten-free treats too, such as these shortbread cookies with jam...


... and these gf lemon drops! Other gluten-free items included pumpkin muffins, cowboy cookies, chocolate-dipped cookies, and chocolate mini bundt cakes.


As for me, since I was lugging everything all the way from Cheonan, I had to pre-package my items individually for freshness and protection during transportation. Some things I brought were banana nut bread, zucchini walnut-raisin bread, pumpkin bread, coconut macaroons...


... cacao nib cranberry oat bars, chocolate-orange biscotti, and tropical biscotti. Not pictured: thin mints and tropical oat bars. I really wanted to do things like cupcakes or muffins, but those would've gotten smashed during transportation! haha. Oh well, there's always next time!

And check out my lovely vegan friends sporting some awesome tees:


"You eat what?"


"Please don't eat me... i love you."


"Because they don't have a voice, you'll NEVER stop hearing mine. GO VEGAN!!!"


Lilian and me! Sadly, I missed the memo to wear my vegan-pride t-shirt!


furry friends in attendance


Anywayyy~ it all went by in a blur, but it was such a great experience and I'm just really grateful for all the positive feedback and support this fundraiser event received. Seriously, the generosity of all our customers who stopped by our booth was impressive- a huge thank you to everyone! And ofcourse, special thanks go to all the other vegan bakers who donated their resources and time, to Lilian Lee and Daniel Gray for all their hard work in organizing and promoting the event, and to Suji's restaurant for letting us use their store front and tables.

The earnings will be donated to the World Food Programme to help the famine-relief efforts in East Africa. Even if you were unable to come to the event but want to help fight against world hunger, please consider making a donation directly to the WFP here! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend~

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