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One last hike up Achasan

Exactly one more week before move-out day! Eeeeek!


So anyway, on Thursday, I hiked up Achasan for what will probably be the last time while I'm still living on this side of Seoul. The last time I went to Achasan was before my Paris trip, and I really missed it! It's the perfect difficulty-level for me... not too strenuous or steep, and it only takes about an hour to get to the top and come back down. The view's ain't bad either.


There's always a number of ajumas and ajushis getting their regular exercise too. I think it's so funny how some of them lug up backpacks of food to enjoy a full picnic spread at the top! Rice, kimchi, soju, ddeok and all. hehe.


Me, on the other hand, I enjoyed the views while munching on my homemade energy bar. :)

I know I'll still be able to visit Achasan even after I move, but it won't be right in my backyard! I'm gonna miss it~~

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