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Went to Cheonan earlier this week to pick up Bunny from her own vacay in paradise. When I left for Paris, she was shedding like mad, but now she's done molting and is fluffier than ever! Was quite the happy reunion. Well, at least I like to think she was happy to see me... she doesn't show her emotions too well. haha. I'll have to post a picture of her soon- she's extra cute these days.

Anyway, I had loads of yummy food in Cheonan, but i accidentally deleted most of the photos! Blargh. At least I do have a few to share...


Breakfast was some corn (my first summer corn on the cob this year!), tomatoes pureed into a smoothie as well as sliced, some kiwi and apples.

사진 006

Another Cheonan breakfast...


My mom and I baked these bite-sized cookies, using a star tip to squeeze out the batter into log shapes. You would think they're peanut cookies because they look just like peanut shells, but they're actually just very simple oatmeal cookies.


We used the recipe from Cook and Book, a Korean baking book written by this awesome lady who I took a few baking classes from several years ago. She actually has a very vegan-friendly cafe in Hongdae now, which I recently visited and will soon blog about, so stay tuned for that. She also recently came out with another recipe book which I can't wait to buy at Kyobo!

I'm back in Seoul now, and I've been wanting to start all these mini design projects, but my iMac desktop recently decided to crap out on me! I've just been using my little net-book in the meantime, which is useful for blogging and internet-surfing, but not much else. So today, I took my iMac to an apple service center by Sinsa station, and they said that they have to reformat the entire hard drive... again! This is the second time I've had to do this. Thankfully, I did have some of my most important files backed-up this time, but there were still a lot of things on there that have now disappeared into nothingness. I really need to learn my lesson and start regularly backing up my files... .

Well anyway, to make myself feel a little better, and since I was already in the Sinsa area, I walked down to Garosugil and stopped by my fave little bakery, 'Pain de Papa.'


I got two of their focaccia breads, one with savory, seasoned cherry tomatoes, and another with black and green olive slices (the baker behind the counter confirmed that they were vegan). The nice thing was that the slices were all slightly different sizes, and were priced by weight, so customers could pick their pieces based on hunger level or budget. The slices I chose came to 3,800 won total.


Delicious, chewy focaccia bread with specks of herbs throughout. The tomatoes were fantastic and juicy, and the olives had an awesome salty punch. When eaten together, it was like having pizza! I just love Pain de Papa. Whenever I'm in the Sinsa area, I never fail to stop by this tiny bakery. Such friendly service, delicious rustic organic breads, lots of vegan options, free wifi, and plenty of magazines and bread books to browse through. I could spend hours there, just breathing in the aroma of fresh-baked bread.


Oh, and I also went to Fika (my fave coffee shop at Garosugil) for some coffee, where I enjoyed a red bean bun that I had stashed in my bag from a recent trip to Veggie Holic in Hongdae. Even though I had to deal with cruddy computer problems, all of these vegan eats cheered me right up! :)

Here are some other random eats, prepared at home:

사진 083

Open-faced sandwich: Rye bread (from Pain de Papa), topped with a very simple banh mi-style slaw (shredded daikon raddish, carrot, green bell peppers, and cilantro, seasoned with vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper.

사진 089

super good.


Roasted veggies: kabocha squash, cherry tomatoes, green bell peppers, black olives, onions, mixed with olive oil, dried basil and oregano, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend~!

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