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Olssu Soy Milk Powder

Earlier this year, friend and fellow vegan blogger Eunpah tipped me off to this new Korean soy milk powder product by Olssu. I've been meaning to blog about this for a while and can't believe I'm only just getting to it... . but anyway, better late than never, eh?

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Anyway, I believe it's Korea's first and only soy milk powder (different from soy bean flour), and you can find this at certain Olive Young stores (usually just the bigger ones), and also on GMarket. Actually there are two different types: regular soy milk powder, and black bean milk powder. I haven't tried the black bean flavor yet, but I've gone through a few boxes of the plain soy milk one.


Nutritional stats per package: 60 cals, 8g carbs, 3g protein, 1.6g fat...


Ingredients: Soy beans, toasted brown rice, dry fructose, salt.


5 packets in one box.


According to the instructions, you add 80-100ml of water to one packet of powder. It takes a little mixing to get all the lumps out, but it dissolves fairy well, and in the end you get this:


I actually quite like the taste which is slightly sweet and nutty. However, as you can see from the particles on the side of the glass, the texture could be smoother. It's a teeny bit grainy and you get a little tickle in the back of your throat from the fine bits. It's not too bad though~~


Here it is added to some coffee. I found that the powder tends to settle at the bottom after a while, so you have to keep stirring it.

Even though it's definitely inferior to normal soy milk, I personally like having this stuff on hand. They're especially good for smoothies when you want something a little milky, but without the extra liquid, or when you don't want to carry around bottles of soy milk that need refrigeration. I actually took a box of this stuff with me on my Europe trip, and it came in handy on the plane (you can put it in your carry-on since it's not a liquid). It's also tastes good when eaten dry, by the spoonful. :)

Up next: soy milk powder used to make vegan white chocolate! Das rite. Stay tuned.

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