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Vegan Crepes!

Apologies if I've been talking about my upcoming Paris trip too much, but I just can't help myself! I've started looking into some touristy and off-the-beaten-track things I want to do in France, and so to get myself in the Paris-state-of-mind, I made crepes for brunch this morning! It's a glorious Saturday and I can't think of a better way to begin my weekend.


Ahh, I love crepes, and definitely had my fair share of them in the past. When I was attending boarding school in Cote d'Ivoire, crepes were a common breakfast item, and we always just sprinkled them with some lemon juice and sugar, before rolling them up and devouring. So good! And then in college, I became obsessed with savory crepes. Infact, if any of my readers are from Philly, you probably know about The Creperie truck at Temple University, right? When I was living in North Philly for a bit, this was my all time favorite place to eat, and even as a poor, starving international student/artist, I somehow always had money for their crepes. :) I usually ordered their savory crepes, but their sweet fruit & nutella crepes were also the bomb! Ahh, memories.

Yet sadly, since going vegan, I haven't had a single crepe! Booooo~ I think I was just scared of attempting any vegan version because they seem so fancy, delicate and unforgiving... .. Thankfully, as is the case with so many of my cooking fears, it was Isa to the rescue with her awesome Classic Crepe recipe from Vegan Brunch. Save for 2 somewhat 'exotic' ingredients (chickpea flour and tapioca flour), the recipe is straight forward and yields really yummy crepes. I wish I could share the recipe here, but I would like to stay in the good graces of Isa and avoid copyright infringement. :) You'll just have to get the book yourself- it's worth it!!


I rolled up one of the crepes with sliced banana, and then I ate the second one with just a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar powder- boarding school style! I also tossed some chopped almonds for a bit of crunch.


So scrumptious, bright, and delicious... for a brief moment, time was suspended.


Now if only I had some vegan nutella... ..

I can't believe it's taken me so long to make these! Next time, i'm gonna try savory crepes. Yummmmm... I'm hoping I can find vegan crepes in Paris. That would totally make my day. But at least I know how to make my own now!

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