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Loving the Loving Hut buffet~

Yay, it's Friday!!! It's been a loooong week~~ I'm looking forward to some r&r this weekend, meaning, I want to catch up on some painting, meet up with chingoos, go for a long run, cook from actual recipes, and start reeeaaally planning my Paris trip. Aside from booking the hotel and the train ticket to Amsterdam, I haven't even gotten to really think about all the things I want to do and see in Paris.

Anyway, last night I got to wind down a bit with some friends at the Achasan Loving Hut buffet. I've been going there pretty frequently this past month, despite the fact that they recently raised their prices from 9,900 to 12,000 won on weekdays! It was an unexpected jump, but it's still cheap, compared to most other buffets here in Korea (vips, ashley's, etc). Even though I go there so often, I never get sick of the food. I do have my favorites though, such as the broccoli-mushroom dish, the japchae, their fancy rice rolls, and multi bean salad.

Here are some of the many plates that were consumed:


Oooo, check out the jja jang myun!


As is with most Loving Huts, they have a large selection of soy meat dishes too, which are quite delicious.


I haven't tried cooking my own soy or wheat meat yet, but I bought a package of soy TVP pieces to try making some bulgogi. It's hard to believe that bulgogi used to be one of my favorite dishes as an omni! And now, I never even think about it. But for nostalgia's sake, I want to make a vegan version and eat it with rice and lettuce wraps. hehe.

Have a great, sunny weekend!

Directions: Achasan Station, Line 5, Exit 1. It's right in front of the exit, on the second floor. Easy Peasy, you can't miss it. Go check it outttt.

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