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Bowlin' it

I only have 7 days left before I fly out to France, and it looks like my schedule is gonna be jam-packed, especially because I just picked up a temporary, part-time job doing some English editing! (Not teaching, thank goodness.) I can't believe I only have two more weeks of my current job before it's "sayonara" to my hakwon of 4 years! I'm looking forward to it all ending!!!! I can easily spend hours daydreaming about what life will be like post-hakwon, but I gotta stay focused in the present... . hehe. I also spent a good amount of time this morning baking for a cookie order~ :) Thanks again to those who have been supporting me by ordering cookies! I am always happy for any opportunity to bake... it's my form of therapy.

Anyway, so for today's lunch, I gobbled up this bowl of mixed veggies and tofu:


I love meals in bowls, don't you? Especially when they're just a colorful mishmash of odd veggies. Not only are they really quick and easy to put together, they're also comforting, unpretentious, childlike, and require minimal post-meal clean up. No lengthy recipe needed here... . I basically just stir fried a bunch of random vegetables in a pan along with some spices (ground cumin, red pepper flakes, dried oregano, salt, pepper), and also threw in some pre-steamed kabocha. Gawd, I'm still on my kabocha-kick. Not long ago, I was easily going through one whole kabocha a day... . yea, it wasn't a balanced diet, so I laid off on it for a while, especially when I (and others) noticed my skin turning orange! Literally. But I just haven't been able to keep myself away from this sweet squash for long and so I'm enjoying it again, but this time with a little moderation. hehe. Anyway, I digress.


Besides the kabocha, I pretty much just threw in everything and anything I had in my fridge and pantry. For instance, I finally used up some canned items that have been sitting in my cupboard for about a year: canned olives, tomato puree, and corn. Ah, it feels good to use up those items before they expire!

ok... that's all for today. Gonna make another bowl-meal for a late dinner and then hopefully get some more work done~~ tooteloo.

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