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Cookie monster!

Did some cookie-baking this past weekend, for a friend's birthday:

lemon poppyseed softies

I'm really into baking things with lemon and poppyseeds these days, and these cookies bring these two ingredients together to create delicious, soft, summery treats. They're pretty much like muffin-top cookies (haha, flashback to my favorite Seinfeld episode... ).

oatmeal raisin cookies

A childhood classic: Oatmeal raisin!

choco walnut cookie bites

Chocolate & walnut cookie bites. These had a somewhat hard outer shell, but were soft and brownie-like on the inside. Tasty, but needs more experimenting.


Packaged up to be given away. My friend shared them with her family and said, I quote, "The cookies are so tasty. You amazed my family again!! Very popular... ." :) Sweet vegan success.

Oh, and I've finally updated my "Vegan Bake Shop" with the Spring-Summer cookie menu! :) I am no longer doing thin mints, but there are some other yummy cookies up for order. Thank you for your interest!

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