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Baking and a Wedding

Right now I'm watching live coverage of the Royal Wedding! Anyone else doing the same thing? Ah, I'm so excited for this historical event! There's nothing quite like a fairy-tale royal wedding to bring out the giddy teenage girl in me. :)

Anyway, I feel like quite the multi-tasker right now because while watching the coverage, I'm also video-skyping with my sister in Cali, baking, and now blogging! Bake sale prep is going well so far~ Well, to whet you guys' appetites, here are some sneak preview shots of a few treats that will be at the bake sale tomorrow! You ARE coming, right?

chocolate covered pretzels

Chocolate-covered pretzels

rocky road bars

Rocky road bars with vegan marshmallows!

thick mints

thin mint cookies

peanut butter oat bars

Peanut butter oat bars. These are probably the healthiest items on the list. hehe.

In addition to these, there will be afghan biscuits, cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, blueberry coffee cake, chocolate cupcakes, chai spiced cupcakes, gluten-free cookies, snickerdoodles, truffles, and even dog biscuits, and that's not even all of it. It's expected to rain tomorrow, so the bake sale has been moved inside, but please don't let the weather stop you from coming out and supporting this cause! It will also be super cool to meet you guys in person~ :)

Ok, the wedding's gonna start soon... and now I'm gonna go bake some lemon coconut cupcakes. See you tomorrow!!!

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