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In between meals

Today is my mom's birthday so I'm in Cheonan hanging out with the folks. We just got back from an awesome dinner at a veg restaurant and I am so stuffed, I can barely type straight. I shall post pics of all of my mom's delicious vegan birthday eats when I get back to Seoul, but for now, here are a few snacks I had the pleasure of eating in between meals last week.

Steamed veggie bun

While browsing around the Hyundai Department store, I got so hungry looking at all the food on display that I bought a steamed veggie bun from one the booths (2000 won). I asked the lady whether there was any milk in the dough part (always gotta ask!), and she said it was totally vegan.

Steamed veggie bun

Couldn't wait to tear into the pocket of soft, chewy steamed bread! The veggies & mushrooms inside were flavorful, juicy, and slightly spicy. Happy snackage.

Vege Cafe

I also returned to Vege Cafe last week for an afternoon of productivity, and got the freshly juiced celery-pear-lemon combination (5,500 won).

Vege Cafe

Eat drink your vegetables! So good~~

choco walnut cookies

I've also been doing a good bit of baking in my spare time. These are some chocolate-walnut cookies based on the Rocky Road recipe from VCIYCJ.

choco walnut cookies

Slightly crispy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside. Irresistible.


I also got to chill at one of my fave cafes in Seoul- FIKA by Garosu-gil. Hadn't been there in a while and I was missing it. There's nothing specifically vegan about FIKA, but I just love the smell of their sugary cinnamon rolls that hits you when you walk in the door (I so wish they were vegan), as well as their comfy seating, and clean, modern style. I also like that it doesn't get ridiculously busy or noisy in there. My type of coffee shop.

Ok~ that's all for tonight. Must massage my food baby. heheh~

Happy Birthday, Umma! <3

Oh, and this is not food-related, but I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan and those who have lost or are missing loved ones there. The video clips and images of the tsunami are completely terrifying. So much devastation and loss... I thank God for another day to be with the ones I love.

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