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Lovely Day~

Ah, the weather is so nice today! I feel like spring is on its wayyyy~~ almost... . It's funny how when the weather gets just a tad warmer, everyone comes out of hibernation and they just seem so much more alive and positive. Myself included. I gotta say, lately, I've been feeling rather blah and uninspired, with little motivation to get out and do things and meet people. Even running has become a bit of a drag these past few weeks. Anywayyy, I'm not sure where I'm going with this and I generally don't like to be gloomy and depressing on my blog, but I just wanted to share a bit. I know this 'funky state of mind' shall pass soon enough though, and today's warmer weather is definitely helping! The sunshine has put a smile on my face and a little spring in my step. :) Things are lookin' up~~

Oh, you may or may not have noticed, but in an effort to improve this blog a bit, I recently added an 'About Me' page under the top banner. This blog has been in existence for almost 2 years (anniversary is next month!), and I'm only just getting round to having a more official profile page. I'm generally kinda shy about posting pics of myself, but I'm slowly getting over my silly insecurities and putting my mug up. Hope you like. ^^

Moving on~~


This is what my desk looks like these days! I have several containers of sprouts going, which include alfalfa, broccoli, and kale sprouts. Even though they require a fair bit of care and attention, and they're slowly taking over my limited desk surface area, they brighten up my room by adding some green life. I get a kick out of how fast they grow and the way they so quickly reposition themselves to lean towards the sunlight whenever I rotate the containers. Plus, I feel such a sense of accomplishment when I finally get to "harvest" them for bibimbabs and salads. Organic, home-grown sprouts- what's not to love?


Here's a bibimbab I had for lunch with mostly raw veggies and sprouts, and broken gim pieces. Some tofu cubes would've elevated this bibimbab, but I didn't have any. It was still good though. Simple and fresh.


Recently, I've been inspired to try incorporating more raw foods into my diet. I've noticed that in winter, I hardly eat any raw food. Save for maybe some fruit, everything else gets heated til it's piping hot and burns my tongue. It makes me wonder whether I'm just totally destroying all the nutrients before my body can even get 'em! After meeting Natalie, a high-raw vegan blogger, and watching the documentary "Food Matters," I've upped the raw intake somewhat. I don't feel that going 100% raw is necessary or even always healthy, but I could definitely try to do better in that department, and growing my own sprouts has been a nice reminder to appreciate more foods in their natural, raw state.


Well, this is definitely not raw, but I just baked some cranberry almond cookies and dropped them off at Cafe Harunohee for sale. They have a hint of orange & lemon flavor and taste quite scrumptious. Perhaps a visit to Haru is in store this weekend? :)

Also, lately, I've been entertaining the thought of starting my own vegan baking/cookie company! What do you think? Would anyone (in Korea) be interested in ordering cookies from me? haha. Obviously, I'll have to come up with a unique company name, and get all the logistics sorted out (online-ordering, labels, packaging, delivery, etc), but just the thought of it gets me all excited! I'll keep y'all posted on any developments.

Have a happy Friday!

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