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Apparently, I'm stylish!

The other day, Susan from 'Kittens Gone Lentil' presented me with the 'Stylish Blogger Award'! How cool~ As part of my acceptance of this badge, I must:

*Make a post, and link back to the blogger who awarded me.
*Share seven things about myself.
*Award other bloggers.
*Contact them to tell them they have won.

So here are 7 things about me that you might not know:

1. Lately, I like listening to NPR and health-related podcasts while baking.
2. Sometimes I feel like sleeping is a waste of time because I'd rather be awake to do things and experience life.
3. I rarely (like, never) wear heels, even though I could definitely use the added height! I'm a super-shawty.
4. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who smoke while walking. I always seems to get stuck behind a smoking ajushi and I have to breathe in the toxic cloud left in his wake. Gag.
5. I was a huge klutz as a kid. On three separate occasions, I hit my head on the corner of a chair, tripped on sharp gravel, and ran head-first into a pillar, all of which resulted in multiple stitches.
6. These days I eat tons of sunflower seeds like it's no one's business. So crunchy!
7. While living in Ghana, I had malaria a few times. One of those times, I was so out of it that I hallucinated a giant dancing banana.

So there you have it, 7 things about moi. I feel exposed... . Now tell me something about yourself!

And since I have to pass the award onto other bloggers, I shall bestow the honor to...
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The Vegan Mouse > tasty-looking vegan food.
Thank you, ok > art, design, fashion, food, and awesome funky photos.

I was also recently listed as a 'featured vegan resource' over at Sweet! I gotta say thank you to all my readers (whoever/wherever you are). I'm thrilled and will continue blogging with vegan flair & style~~

Anyway, moving on~ I was rather swamped with baking this past week that I didn't get to blog much about daily life, so here's a quick recap:

On Wednesday, I met up with my dear friends Yunseo & Hyun for dinner at none other than good ol' Kimbab Chungook. We thought about going to some fancy-shpancy Italian restaurant, but in the end, admitted that we were all just craving some simple, cheap, unpretentious Korean food. Ever have those days?


As always, I went with the stand-by vegan choice of Dolsot Bibimbab (no egg).

Yunseo recently went to Paris for vacation (sooo jealous!), and she came back bearing gifts:


I got a notebook from 'Shakespeare and Company,' a famous bookshop there which is featured in several movies like Julie & Julia, a postcard with a bunny on it, and a jar of vegan, sugary dried strawberries!


These are so good! They're kind of like eating Swedish Fish and I can't wait to bake with them~ Ah me, I'm always thinking of how to incorporate new ingredients into baking... I'm obsessed, I tell you~

chocolate chip cookies

Earlier in the week, I also baked some cinnamon-chocolate chippers using this Vegweb recipe. I accidentally added more water than it required, so they turned out kinda cakey instead of chewy. Still good tho.

Then on Thursday, I got together with Megan, a new friend and blog reader who I met for the first time at my 'Here & There' art show last year. She's leaving soon for an awesome bike tour that goes from Laos to Vietnam (sounds amazing!), and then will fly back home to S. Carolina, so we got together one last time for lunch at Everest. Definitely one of my fave restaurants in Korea.

Everest with Megan

I ordered the Aloo Palak, no dairy, etc.

Everest with Megan

Megan got her favorite order of Aloo Gobi- she's gonna miss this when she leaves!

Everest with Megan

Roti bread. So pooffy~ :)

Everest with Megan

And Megan surprised me with a soy candle gift, all the way from her hometown. My friends spoil me- I've been getting gifts left and right! :) Anyway, this is my first soy candle, so I'm excited to see how it burns and how long it lasts. The magnolia scent is divine. Thanks Megan!

Organic Soy milk

Oh! And the other day, I was at the Lotte Department store and found some organic soymilk from Orga made with domestic-grown soy beans. I can't remember the exact price (1,700 won?), but it's on the high side. I also noticed it's thicker than most soy milks. It was nice to find this though, because I'm getting a bit tired of making my own soymilk... ha. It was fun at first, but the novelty has started to wear off and it's getting a little annoying. hehehe... . Only a few more days left of this 'Locavore Challenge' though, so then I can go back to regular store-bought soy milk. Ah, and I'm looking forward to buying bananas and lemons again. Although, probably a lot less frequently than I did before.

Aiightz. Hope everyone has a great Saturday. Don't forget to go eat vegan strawberry shortcake at Haru!

Over 'n' out. ^^

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