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My heater/boiler is broken!!!

Yes... I'm currently living with no heat or hot water. The blasted thing decided to conk out on me right in the middle of this brutal -9C winter weather. nice-uh. Ofcourse, it's not that cold inside my apartment, but it's definitely chillier than normal. I let my landlord know, and the maintenance ajushi will come take a look at it tomorrow. *sigh~*



I know this may sound corny, but not having a working heater has made me that much more grateful for all the things I do have. Really, at this point, I'm just thankful to have shelter from the cold! I can't imagine having to spend the night outside like many of those less fortunate do... Despite my heater not working, I know I'll be alright because I have an electric blanket to keep me toasty in my bed while I sleep, and I just got back from the gym where I had a steaming hot shower. I'm also warming my tummy (and soul) with a mug of hot chocolate, and I got Bunny Bunz to keep my hands and lap warm. :) She makes an excellent hand-warmer. We shall be snuggling tonight, that's fo-sho! Haha, just kidding~ Bunny doesn't like sleeping next to me. hmph.

So yea... although I now have to deal with this inconvenience, I'm staying positive and making the best of it... by having a photobooth session with Bunny!

Me & Bunny

We got a little camera-happy... . blame the cold.

Me & Bunny

She's not so into it... clearly, she's having a bad hair day.

Me & Bunny

Uh oh...

Me & Bunny

Bunny Butt! Oh my...

Anyway~ after I post this, I'm gonna get into bed (electric blanket to the rescue!) with a book, some dark chocolate, and some roasted peanuts. Stay warm, folks! xoxo


Back on solid ground, and back to eating...

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