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Too excited to sleep tonight~

Oh dear me, I just spent about an hour going through all the eye-boggling LA-eats on the blog. Yeup, I'm getting myself psyched up for what is bound to be a truly epic vegan food vacation (even more so than last year's LA trip). I know I'm going to return to Korea significantly poorer and probably heavier too, but it will be aaalll worth it. I'm trying to make a mental list of all the foods I wanna eat and at this point, it seems never-ending! Vegan reuben sandwiches, pizza with vegan cheese, burgers bigger than my face, cupcakes, puff pastries, cheesecake... . and you thought I was going there to see people. muahahahh~!

But for now, here are some random food pics from the last week's visit to Cheonan:


Korean pumpkin jook (porridge) for breakfast.


Ddeok and ginger-cinnamon tea for a snack.


A big salad that with cute decorative tomatoes.


A totally vegan meal of bibimbab, dwenjang jjigye, pickled onions, and chong-gak kimchi. The radish kimchi wasn't quite fermented yet, but we couldn't wait to bite into them. Crunch!

So anyway~~ In less than 24 hours, I shall be on a plane, headed to LA. I've shopped for my sister, I've finished up this week's workload, I've requested my vegan inflight meal, I'm almost done packing... . let it begin, let it begiiin!!!

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