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A little NYC in LA

Last Saturday, my sister and I ended up going to a Christmas party and everyone was asked to bring a mini snack or appetizer. I knew there wouldn't be any other vegans there, so I had to represent veganism with something yummy. Well, I recently bought my very own copy of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar and my sister and I were excited to try out the NYC Black & White Cookie recipe. These cookies always look so elegant and fancy, they were sure to impress!


Our cookies came out fantastic! They rose a lot more than we expected (they were quite thick in the middle), but the lemon-orange flavor was excellent and they just looked so sophisticated once topped with white icing and melted chocolate.


We were worried that the topping wouldn't dry in time and that it would all get messed up in the transportation, so we popped them in the fridge for about 30 minutes before heading out, which seemed to do the trick.


Here are all the cookies, piled on top of each other. The chocolate side looks a bit dull in the above picture because they just came out of the fridge. We made our cookies smaller than the recipe suggested, so instead of 16 large cookies, we got about 35 medium sized ones!


Not every thing in life is black and white- there are always shades of grey. But one thing's for certain: these B&W cookies are delicious! :) I'm so glad I bought VCIYCJ and I cannot wait to try more of the recipes.


Here's a cute table decoration from the party. :)

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