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Throw Muffins, not Bombs

Gee, North Korea, what you did yesterday was not cool. Uh uh. Not cool.

zucchini muffins

Someone needs to bake Kim Jong Il and his son some of these vegan zucchini muffins, stat! They will calm the attention-seeking, petulant child-of-a-country down to a state of peaceful hypnosis. They're so good!

zucchini muffins

Last week while I was down in Cheonan, my mom wanted to bake something to give to some neighbors and wanted me to pick a fail-proof, vegan bread/muffin recipe. Well, it was a no-brainer. The zucchini bread recipe from 'the Joy of Vegan Baking' is seriously one of my favorite things to bake, and it always comes out right- even when it goes wrong.

zucchini muffins

I've baked this for birthdays, taken it to the office and potlucks, and shared it with vegans and non-vegans alike, and everyone always loves it. I'm hesitant to post the recipe here, but I'm sure if you do a google search, it will come up. ^^

zucchini muffins

I didn't get to actually taste this batch (had to give them away!), but we saved one muffin for my mom and dad to taste, and they loved it. I hope the neighbors did too.

Til next time, stay calm and maybe carry your passport!


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