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Ready, Set, Art Show!

I realize it's Vegan Month of Food, but it seems that the art side of my life has taken over this blog... at least for this week. But I promise, after Friday (opening reception night), I shall return to blogging about nothing but food, glorious food!

First and foremost, thank you sooo much for all the wonderful comments on my 2011 calendar. I'm so grateful for the positive response, and also for those who have already made purchases! (Etsy shop here.) For the longest time, I've second-guessed myself on whether this art dream is something I should really pursue, but getting such amazing support and encouragement makes me realize that I'm going in the right direction. :)


In anticipation for the art show at Harunohee, I doodled some pictures on the cafe store front window.


Little birdies pulling back the curtains of rain~


There's Minju, the cafe owner.


My promotional poster!


Oh yea, I guess I do have a little bit of food-talk to blog about. So, it seems that people are liking my banana nut chocolate chip muffins at Harunohee Cafe (vegan success!). For this month of November, I hope to bake them on a regular basis, so that they will always be in-stock. Go get your vegan banana muffin fix!

Also, Minju has decided to put soy milk back on the menu for this month, which can be subbed for dairy milk in the coffee and sweet pumpkin lattes. :) So for November, the cafe will be a little more vegan-friendly!


Finally, I just wanna announce that the art show is officially up and running! Phew~ It took a coupla trips from my place to the cafe, but I managed to lug all the pieces over, and then together with Minju, we hung everything up. It's looking awesome, and unless all the hooks fall down over-night, this art show is ready to rock tomorrow's opening reception! Hopefully I'll get some photos of the show posted up here soon after~ One last time, here are Directions to Cafe Harunohee:

Gunja Station, Line 5&7, Exit 6. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. The cafe will be on your left.
Children's Grand Park Station, Line 7, Exit 1. Walk straight for about 6 minutes. The cafe will be on your right. Google map.
Address: 서울시 광진구 능동 283-17
Tel: 02-453-0508
Opening Reception: 6-11pm

Well, I still got a few things I gotta get done before tomorrow, so I gotta skedaddle. Nite nite, and maybe I'll see some of youz tomorrow!

PS. Anyone notice the upgraded quality of these photos? Well, my buddy Chris has been kind enough to lend me his DSLR to photograph my artwork and calendar. The photos come out so gorgeous, crisp, and bright. My poor point-n-shoot camera is starting to feel a little neglected. The day I return Chris' DSLR, will be a sad one indeed. hee hee.


Oh, and here are some autumnal trees, just cuz.

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