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Petra Palace @ Itaewon

Last weekend, some old buddies and I got together at Petra Palace in Itaewon for some Middle Eastern food. There are two Petra restaurants in the Itaewon area, but I had yet to visit either. My friends are always raving about their food, so I was excited to finally get to visit myself.


The seating and ambiance at Petra Palace is really casual and simple, with more of a 'fast food restaurant' vibe, than their fancy sit-down restaurant counterpart. This location also has a small patio with outdoor seating so you can people-watch while enjoying your falafel and hummus. :)


I was really in the mood for a fresh salad, so I went with their Tabouli (4,000won) and an order of bread. The tabouli was loaded with fresh parsley and the whole thing had a nice tang to it. It was a liiiittle on the oily side and there could've been more bulgur in it, but I was still happy with my order.


The fresh pita bread was delicious! Really filling too~ I also tried some of my friend's hummus (sorry, no picture!), which was sooo good! Next time I'm gonna order just a big plate of hummus.

Directions to Petra Palace: Itaewon Station, Exit 2. Walk straight for 1 minute. The restaurant will be on your left.


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