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The International Vegan Swap: Korea & England

So waaaay back in August, I signed up to participate in a care package-swap, organized and hosted by Lindsay at cookingforaveganlover. The "rules" were to mail out a box of goodies valued at around $25, and ship them out by Sept 24th. I was prepared to send my package to anywhere in the world, but I wasn't sure if any one else would care to do a swap with me, all the way in Korea. However, not long after I signed up, I received an email with details and contact info of my awesome swap partner! I was paired up with Vera, another vegan who hails from England and is writer of the blog 'The Lothians'.

Well, while it seems that most other participants completed their swaps within a month, it took us a bit longer to get ours since we are quite literally on opposite sides of the globe. Even though we had to exercise a little extra patience, I'm happy to say that we have now both received our packages (mine arrived yesterday), and I couldn't be more ecstatic with all the goodies that Vera sent! Check out the loot:


Granose Soya Mince TVP, loose leaf tea, milk and white chocolate buttons, dairy-free Cheddareese powder, mustard powder, a Freeform chocolate bar, ginger snaps, a jar of gooseberry jam, Marmite, and a Tetley Tea sample for Soya. Notice that I already ate some of the ginger snaps? :) It's awesome.


I'm thrilled with everything I got, but I'm probably most excited about these vegan chocolate buttons, especially the white ones. I haven't had white chocolate in forever (since going vegan), and it used to be my favorite type of chocolate. I'm saving them for a special occasion because they are just too precious to eat!


I'm also pretty stoked about this vegan grated cheese product! I've tasted very little vegan cheese before because it just doesn't exist in Korea, so this is indeed a special item. I can't wait to try it on pizza or in some onion soup. Yumm~ I've also never had gooseberry jam, or tried cooking with TVP or mustard powder before, so I think I'm in for some new food experiences. :)

Thanks so much Vera!

And, incase you're wondering, this is the vegan Korean package that I sent to Vera:

swap package

Everything together.


Vegetable crackers and gim slices


Traditional snacks


Fried seaweed snacks and vegan ramen (ofcourse, I had to include ramen in there!)


Dried gim, puffed rice cakes, brown rice gun-bbang biscuits, green tea, and...


... some single-serving yuja cha (sweet citron tea) cups.

Anyway, I'm just so happy I participated. Vera sent a great package and I couldn't have asked to be paired with a better swap partner. I also gotta thank Lindsay for putting the whole thing together. It's such a great idea and I will most definitely participate again next year! :)

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