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Peaceful Palak

Even though I absolutely love Indian cuisine, I don't eat as much of it as I wish I did. I think it's my favorite International cuisine- second to Korean food, ofcourse.

Palak Tofu

Last week, I was craving some curry and decided to make my all-time fave Indian dish: palak paneer tofu. I have verrrry limited experience cooking Indian food, which is shameful considering how much I love it. Anyway, I used this recipe from the Yasmeen's 'Health Nut' blog, which is the same recipe I used for my first palak tofu attempt (blimey, that was a whole year and a half ago!). It came out fantastic last time, so I figured I'd go with the same recipe- why mess with something that works? In fact, I think it even came out even better this time because I actually have a real blender now, which got the spinach way smoother than the immersion hand-held blender that I used last time.

Palak Tofu

The only modifications I made to the recipe were that I didn't have any coriander powder, green chillies or cilantro for garnish. I also pan-fried the tofu cubes before adding them to the curry. I think it gave them more of a chewy texture that I like. This totally satisfied my palak curry craving, and then some! The tofu stands in wonderfully for the paneer, and all the spices come together for some serious curry flava~!

Palak Tofu

This would've been perrrfect on some naan bread, but I had to make-do with a toasted tortilla wrap (I'm still slooowly making my way through that batch I got from Costco... ). Yea, I mixed some Mexican with Indian, but my tastebuds couldn't care less cuz it still tasted fantastic. All in all, this made for a drool-worthy lunch! And the best part was having leftovers for several meals after. It tasted even better the next day, reheated, or even just eaten straight out of the container... . not that I would ever do that... ... *ahem* :)


Peaceful Palak {Vegan}