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Where did Summer go?

The fact that I haven't had to sleep with my fan on for the past few night confirms that it is officially fall. Fall is most definitely my favorite season, but I gotta admit, I was hoping I would get to eat more patbingsu and cold soybean noodles before the summer season was up. Looks like it's a little late now. Oh well~ I won't spend too much dwelling on that because cooler temps just means that I get to indulge in all my favorite fall foods, such as winter squash! :)


Yesterday, I came back to Seoul from a quick trip to Cheonan and I arrived at the Express Bus Terminal station right around lunch time. The tummy was grumbling, so I decided to grab lunch at the Shinsegae Department store. The foodcourt areas of department stores are so lavish and fanshy, sometimes I just like to walk around all the different booths, admiring the colors and decadent presentations. I rarely buy any of the food because they are expensive (and usually not vegan... .), but on this particular day, I wanted to treat myself! And besides, I wasn't gonna wait til I got all the way home to cook myself lunch.


After scouting all my options, I knew I had to go with one of these impressive squash (kabocha) bowls filled with sweet potatoes (6,500 won each).


My squash bowl was reheated and then served in a container for me to enjoy while seated at one of the eating areas.


The sweet potatoes were roasted and covered in a sticky rice syrup glaze which was seriously yummy. The toppings included banana chips (they're kinda hidden), peanuts, and pumpkin seeds.


Loved every single bite. I'm so excited for all the winter squash I'm going to consume this fall~! Infact, my mom actually gave me a squash and some sweet potatoes, so I just might try to recreate this dish at home very soon.

OH! And before I forget, I just got word from Kia that this Sunday from 1-4pm, she will have a bake sale at Roofers in Itaewon to benefit Animal Rescue Korea. She said she plans on having salted caramel pecan bars, chocolate chip cookies, blondies, and maybe something pumpkin-y if she has time (everything vegan). The chocolate chip cookies she gave me the other week were super, so I'm looking forward to stuffing ma face with some of her other goodies. Go support a fellow vegan and an awesome organization!


Where did Summer go? {Vegan}