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Remember my the jar of Almond Butter that Janice (new friend I met through this blog) brought for me as a gift from the US? Well, I opened it last week and, um, it's already all gone. Yea... , I went through the whole jar in a little over a week. That's a personal nut-butter-eating record. It was a nice change from my usual peanut butter, and I was diggin' it. Literally. With a spoon. After bedtime. So geeuuuud~ As an almond butter noob, I found its taste to be milder than expected and was pleasantly surprised by its earthiness.

I kept telling myself that I should take photos and blog about the almond butter in action (like on oatmeal or spread on a bagel), but before I knew it, I had hit the bottom of the jar. Too late! Honestly though, it's probably for the better because most of it just went straight from the jar to ma belly, which would have made for rather boring (and embarrassing) blog photos.


However, for your viewing pleasure, I did make sure to photograph the last way I enjoyed my final shmears almond butter- Oats In A Jar! It was magnificent. It's too bad that almond butter is nowhere to be found in Korea. Perhaps I'll have to try making my own? :)

Thanks Janice, for this new food experience!

Ps. My sister flies back to LA today! :( Me so sad.

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