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Color Me Happy

Happy Saturday! It's been a while... (or at least it feels that way). On Thursday, I actually did end up going down to Cheonan, despite typhoon Kompasu wreaking havoc on the transportation systems. And since then, it's been a whirlwind of activity, hence the lack of blogging... I gotz loads of stuff to do today, as well as two birthday parties to attend, so this post is gonna be a fast one!


Yesterday's breakfast looked like a rainbow on a plate. I took the bokbunja (black raspberry) toast bread that I got at Veggie Holic down to Cheonan to share with the rest of my family, who enjoyed it just as much as me. You can really smell and taste the sweet raspberry flavors, especially if you lightly toast the bread.


I just love the color! It turns breakfast into such a fun and joyous meal, especially when topped with peanut butter and then layered with cute rounds of banana.


I also ate the chocolate muffin from Veggie Holic~ It was packed with chocolate chips and it went perfectly with a cuppa joe. Yuuuumy.


A choc chip trying to get away.


Oh, and last week, my sister and I bought this box of Orga strawberry cereal from the Lotte Department Store, which happens to be vegan (I think it cost like 7,000 won). We thought they would be small like the size of cheerios, but turns out, they're way bigger! They're also tastier than we expected. :)


My sister has been enjoying them with just some soy milk, but ofcourse, I have to put them on my oatmeal.


They get soggy pretty fast, but that's okay~ I still like the hint of strawberry I get from them.


I've also been eating the last melons of summer~ (the yellow Korean ones).


Oh! And my second order from iHerb arrived in the mail! I got my very first jar of chia seeds and four different types of teas~ :) I'm a tea junkie! They also included a sample of something from Madre Labs. Can't wait to try everything out!

Ok~ must dash! Have a fab weekend, everyone.


Color Me Happy {Veggie Holic Bakery}