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Cheonan Odds 'n' Ends

While my sister was here, we both went down to Cheonan quite a bit for frequent family get-togethers. Here are some Cheonan eats that got lost in all the other blogging activity:

Cheonan food

A 'welcome home' feast that my umma cooked up for my sister.

Cheonan food

This was tofu covered in a bed of chopped greens and a soysauce-sesame oil dressing.

Cheonan food

Everything assembled on my plate.


Breakfast at Cheonan: a bowl of oats, some black raspberry bread from Veggie Holic with peanutbutter and apricot preserves, a few pieces of fruit, and a cup of OJ.

Cheonan food

This was a cold soy bean drink that my mom randomly bought from the local market. It's basically just soy beans blended very well with water and is used to make cold soybean noodles. It's somewhat of an acquired taste, but it's very refreshing in the summer (although that's not very relevant now that it's fall).


Bibimbab at Cheonan's Yawoori foodcourt. Pre-mix.


Post-mix. This was surprisingly tasty for foodcourt standards. :)


Lunch at a hole-in-the-wall Bori-bab (barley rice) restaurant in Cheonan. Everything was super fresh and greeeeen!


The holy trinity of 'jangs': ssamjang, gochujang, and a huge bowl of dwenjang sauce.


Here are all the different components assembled in my bori-bibimbab bowl.


A delicious mouth-full of food, wrapped in a steamed cabbage leaf. Drooool~

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