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Bringing baked beans back

Today's lunch was a flashback to my childhood days in the UK with the special appearance of baked beans. When I was little and living in Edinburgh, my family loved eating Heinz baked beans on toast as part of our English breakfast (or "tea"/dinner), but I would stick up my nose and push the plate away. Thankfully, I've grown up from those picky-eater days and, as you all know, I'll now devour beans in any shape, color, or size.


Anyway, other day, I was looking through old photos of my family while we lived in the UK and started thinking of all the foods I used to eat there: hoola hoops, marmite, baked beans, to name a few. So when I spotted cans of 'Sun-Q Baked Beans' at my local Homeplus Express, I knew I had to get one to complete my trip down memory lane. When you think of it, it's actually kinda weird to find baked beans in Korean supermarkets because you really wonder if it's something that regular Koreans are interested in eating... would they even know that baked beans aren't actually baked? Regardless, I'm definitely glad it's there!


Nutrition stats.


I didn't have any regular bread on me, but I did have some of the packaged rye brot that I got from the FFM at Itaewon.


There was very minimal cooking involved in the making of this meal: all I did was reheat the beans over the stove, and steamed up half of a kabocha squash and some broccoli. Simple food, simple lunch, simply good.


I still have half of the can left, so dinner will most likely be a repeat of lunch. :)

Anyone else now love childhood meals that they used to hate?

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