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Yippee dee doo da~

This is a light dinner my sister and I made over the weekend: salad and some of the walnut-fig bread from 'Pain de Papa' on the side. For the salad, I pretty much just threw in whatever I had in my fridge: lettuce, tofu, red bell peppers, corn, red onions, and sliced dill pickles, and then dressed everything with some balsamic-mustard vinaigrette.


Oranges and cherries for dessert!


It's not orange season, but I saw a fruit truck in my neighborhood selling a ton of oranges for cheap, and I had to grab some. After tasting a wedge, I got these two bags (10 oranges in total), for 5,000 won. Sometimes truck-shopping is the way to go.


A rice & veggie bowl for dinner... or was it lunch? Can't remember... The ugry mat board is there because for the past week or so, I've been painting for the 'Domestic Bliss' art show which was just installed TODAY! Yippee~!


Yippee dee doo da~ {Vegan}