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Pretend like it's the weekend now~

Last night I went to bed with pancakes on the mind! It's been a loooong time since I've made them, mainly cuz I'm still deep in my oatmeal phase. But for some reason, I was craving some fluffy pancakes. Banana pancakes to be exact!

banana pancakes

So I woke up bright and early and whipped up a small batch for my sister and I, using this recipe from I only had frozen bananas on hand, so I defrosted some in the microwave and then mashed them up for the batter.

banana pancakes

I also used some extra melty banana puree to top the pancakes instead of syrup. It looks a little ugly and grey cuz of oxidation, but trust me, the puree was sweet and delicious. I also sprinkled on some rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon.

banana pancakes

I'm still an oatmeal girl, but every once in a while, you gotta satisfy that pancake craving! My sister also enjoyed them~ Funny story: my sister wanted to put syrup on hers, so she grabbed what she thought was the bottle of agave from my cupboard, and drizzled it over her pancakes, only to realize that it was olive oil! She had literally just rolled out of bed, so she blamed her grogginess. Good thing she quickly realized her mistake and was able to soak up most of the oil with a paper towel before pouring real agave syrup over them! :) We had a good laugh over that.


I don't think I made enough pancakes for breakfast because we were both really hungry a few hours later. However, in order to cook lunch, my sister and I had to go grocery shopping, so we braved the humid heat and trekked to my outdoor market. The weather was so muggy, I was literally dripping sweat by the time we got home. We bought onions, bell peppers, perilla leaves, broccoli, lettuce, garlic, cucumbers, oyster mushrooms, and peaches.


Much of what we bought went straight into the making of our lunch.


Fresh peaches for dessert. Unfortunately, these weren't cold since we had just bought them from the market.

On an unrelated note, my gym has been closed all week due to renovations, so I've had to resort to running outside in the stifling humidity. I really like running outside, but when it's this hot and muggy, all I want to do is stay indoors where there's AC. However, I also feel really antsy when I go more than a few days without running, so I've had to just deal with it. On Sunday, I ran about 5k in Cheonan and then yesterday, I went about 10k around my neighborhood and along the Han River. Whenever I stopped at a street-crossing, people stared at the sweat dripping down my arms and legs. I can't blame them- I probably did look a little looney. o.O

Anyway, things have been busy lately. In a good way. My sister is in Seoul with me for now, so whenever I'm not working, we've been going around eating food and meeting mutual friends. I also have a group art show coming up! I plan on having 3 pieces up at Jay Gallery near Insadong, so I've been trying to work on those (I'll post more info later). Lots of things to juggle, but it's allll good.

And now some friends and I are going out for Nepalese food at 'Everest,' and then we're gonna watch Inception! Dinner and a movie. I'm excited.
Ta ta~

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