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'Domestic Bliss' Opening Event

Helloooo! I've been absent from the blog for the past few days because I was busy trekking around Gang Won Do on a family trip with relatives! It was a fun-filled trip, but now I'm back in Seoul, furiously trying to upload photos, process everything I saw, and catch up on blogging. I will definitely post all the beautiful scenery and food of Gangwon-do very soon for your viewing pleasure. But for now, here's a quick post about the 'Domestic Bliss' art show that I rushed to last night, after returning to Seoul:

Mental Space

My three pieces are collectively entitled 'Mental Space,' and they are a small part of Eric Nelson's 'apartment building' project (check my website for clearer images). Since I didn't install the pieces in the gallery myself, I really had no idea what to expect of the gallery or the installation itself until I got there for the opening reception. I didn't realize that the gallery itself would be so teeny tiny, not to mention, sweltering hot. hehe. But it was cool to see such a great turn out (the place was paaacked), and I'm especially thankful to all my friends who showed up to support me. You guys are truly awesome! *If you missed the opening reception, you can still check out the show until July 28.

Domestic Bliss

I arrived at the gallery just in time to see my friend Eric present his performance art piece, where he drew a house on the ground using blue rice, and then proceeded to pour the rice over his head.

Domestic Bliss

I have yet to talk to him about the performance, but from what I saw, I think it had something to do with transitioning from one home to another and nourishing one's sense of identity at each new residence (I might have just totally made that up~ ha). It was very interesting and definitely unique.

Domestic Bliss

Footprints left behind in an empty home~


Anyway, after the show, my sister and some friends went to Insadong for some simple Korean eats. I wasn't hungry because I had eaten quite a bit of food not long before, and was also munching on snacks at the gallery reception, so I just shared this dolsot bibimbab (without egg) with my sister.


Some of the banchans.


Later, we all went to 'Hue' tea house along Isadong road. My sister and friends ordered a patbingsu, which they weren't too impressed with, while I got their cinnamon tea (ofcourse). It was a bit too sweet for me, even after I got them to add more hot water... . but that didn't stop me from enjoying each and every sip. Definitely my favorite Korean tea.

Overall, a great night, but I'm officially pooped from all the touring and activity. I'm looking forward to just chillaxin' on this glorious Sunday and eating simple home-cooked food.

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