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This week is looking to be pretty busy! I have quite a lot of things to do for work, family, and friends who are leaving, so I have a feeling the blog might get a little neglected this week. Or I'll just have to fly through the posts.


When my family went to Gangwon-do last week, my mom got some mini acorn squashes for me to bring back to Seoul. I finally got around to cooking them for lunch yesterday.


I thought about getting all fancy with the squash, like cooking it with walnuts and syrup, or stuffing them with some fancy filling, but in the end, I went very simple by just chopping them into quarters and steaming them in a big pot.


My sister made that tofu scramble for me while I was out running. So nice to have food all ready for me when I return home after a tiring workout!

Yesterday, I also briefly met up with Kia, a fellow vegan who has done several scrumptious vegan bake sales for fundraisers benefiting abandoned animals. She contacted me because she wanted to purchase one of my paintings! 'Tree Hugger' to be exact:

I'm so thankful whenever anyone likes my drawings and is willing to support my creative pursuits.


In addition to the payment for the piece (hehe), she also presented me with a package of home-baked chocolate chip cookies! It has been crazy-long since I last had a chocolate chip cookie, and I could hardly wait to try one.


Man, these are so tasty, heart-warming, and no one would ever suspect that they are vegan!


They are the American-style, homey cookies- the kind you wanna eat with a glass of [non-dairy] milk (or in my case, a mug of mocha), while curled up on a couch with friends or family. Kia could've just paid me in cookies. ^^ I wish I had more time to get to know her, but I had to rush off pretty fast. However, I'm sure I'll be seeing her again at her next bake sale.


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