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Random eats

Here are a few of this week's eats that fell through the blog cracks:


One of my many mid-afternoon snacks was a sprout-wich with jalapeno peppers and a squiggle of yellow mustard on a slice of vegan Homeplus bread. I told myself that the sprouts would make up for the nutritional vacancy of the white bread. ^^


Spicy sauteed collards, onions and red bell peppers, with rice and black beans. I get so happy when I see a plate of sauteed collard greens!



Salad with Pita bread

Another salad with more of the failed pita bread.

Salad with Pita bread

Btw, one of my readers just emailed me a pita bread recipe that I'm excited to try out soon~ Thanks Kia!


And last but not least, some oatmeal in a brand new bowl that I bought at Insadong yesterday! I was originally on the look-out for a big salad/bibimbab bowl bucket, but I couldn't resist getting a new medium-sized vessel for my special morning oatmeal.


Toppings: melted-mashed bananas, blackstrap molasses, cinnamon, and sunflower seeds. There's some PB hidden somewhere in there too!

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