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Monday's dinner

I'm just about to head out for a run cuz it's been a long day of sitting on my ass working in front of the computer, and I feel the need to get up and move! But I wanna quickly share the light dinner I just ate: more tofu eggless-egg salad on bread! hehe. It's my new 'go-to' meal cuz it doesn't require any hot cooking. Seriously, who wants to slave over a hot stove in the summer? Well, I did have to toast the bread in a fry pan (I don't have an electric toaster), but that doesn't count.


I actually made the 'egg salad' mixture yesterday and kept it in my fridge, which helped all the flavors meld together more. I also de-seeded the cucumber this time, to reduce the amount of liquid. And finally, I created a mod, polka-dot effect with some black olive slices! Tofu/egg pizza? Sounds good to me. I have a feeling I'll be hungry later though, so I plan on having dinner #2 when I get back from running.


Dessert: banana with cinnamon and oats sprinkled on top.


Oh, and I last but not least, some coffee and 2 plums. Now I'm all pumped for my run. Gotta go!


PS. Here's a shot of Bunny with her two back feet sprawled out. I just want to tickle her feet! Oh, and I think her shedding is finally slowing down~


Monday's dinner {Vegan}