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Can you feel the love up in here?

Had a great day yesterday. After I finished up work, I went out to Jamsil and met up with one of my blog readers! She is Lindsey from Alaska (hi Lindsey, if you're reading!), and is also a fellow veg*an. She randomly sent me an email a few weeks ago with all sorts of kind words about this blog and my art. Well, long story short, we decided to get together for coffee and share stories of our veg experiences in Korea. My very first "blog meetup"! Does it count as a "meet up" if it's just two people? Well, either way, it was totally awesome. We just went to a cafe and chatted about everything from art and traveling, to work, and of course, food. She even mentioned how she actually tried my 'Oyi-Dwenjang Sandwich' recipe and loved it! haha. I always wonder whether anyone ever tries the recipes I post up, so that was cool. So yea, thanks to this blog, I think (I hope?) I've made a new friend! :)

I honestly feel so grateful for all my readers. You guys are so sweet with the positive and encouraging comments you write. I feel inspired to continue improving this blog and to become an even better resource for all you veg*ans here in Korea. Thank you!

Anyway, after meeting Lindsey, I had to rush to Gangnam to have dinner with a group of friends that I haven't seen in a while: Chris, Matt, and Clementine. I like to call ourselves the "Morave Crew." My favorite vegan buddy, Chris, just recently returned to Korea from his 7-month stint in the Philippines, so our "crew" had a little reunion at Dos Tacos!

Dos Tacos @ Gangnam

Chris said that he could never find good (vegan) Mexican food in the Philippines, so he had a big craving for Dos Tacos. He went with his old favorite 'Refried Bean & Broccoli Burrito,' no cheese or sour cream. He actually ate this one and then ordered another! *sigh* Boys and their monster appetites. If only I could eat as much as he does...

Dos Tacos @ Gangnam

I usually order that burrito too (Refried Bean & Broccoli), but this time, I just got their simple 'Vegetable Burrito' which comes with plain rice, beans, and fresh veggies (hold the cheese and sour cream). I appreciated the fact that there was a good amount of beans in this. :) It could use a little more flavor though... . which is where the hot sauce comes in handy.

Dos Tacos @ Gangnam

Close up view.

After dinner, we chilled at a near by coffee shop, enjoying each other's company and catching up. Overall, a wonderful day of meeting up with new and old friends. :)

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