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Vegan Delights at Cafe Mano!

Today, I'm absolutely thrilled to blog about Cafe Mano, a very vegan-friendly coffee shop that recently opened up in the HyeHwa (Dae Hak Ro) district! I heard about this cafe from Jamie who I met at a Hanulvut event. If you can read Korean, check out her blog for more veggie restaurant/cafe reviews, etc.

Some interior shots...

It was an absolute delight knowing that I had so many options for vegan drinks! The menu board is great because a 'heart' symbol indicates which drinks or foods are vegan. In addition to their black coffees and teas, they have a whole column on their menu called 'I love Soy,' which has specialties such as soy latte, soy hot chocolate, soy chai latte, and even soy pumpkin shake. *big grin*

I ordered their soy cafe latte, but unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the photo of my drink! Please use your imagination... .

They also have a selection of adorable cakes and cookies- all of which are totally vegan. I didn't try any of the sweets this time around, but I most definitely will when I make my next visit- which will probably happen very soon. Oh, and free wifi available. Naturally.

Chocolate chip cookies, Almond cookies, & Macadamia-cranberry-choco cookies!

Cashew-choco biscotti & pound cake

Non-vegan Cheese tart & Cheesecake (only items with a 'heart' by the sign are vegan).

Bean-choco cupcakes

The cafe was a little challenging to find, as there aren't clear directions anywhere on the Internet (and their website ain't so user-friendly), but in the end, it was well worth the search. Please refer to the map below. It's about a 7-10 minute walk from Hyehwa station, Exit 4. Closed on Sundays.

Let's support this vegan-friendly cafe as much as possible!

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