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Long live my morning oats!

Even though it's summertime, I'm still enjoying my warm morning oats. Every day! Without fail. One of my favorite oatmeal concoctions lately is my pumpkin oats. I add a big scoop of pumpkin puree, a spoonful of chunky natural peanut butter, and then sweeten it with a drizzle of blackstrap molasses.

Oh melty peanut butter goodness! PB with oats is THE PERFECT combination, agree? And the pumpkin puree makes you feel like you're eating pumpkin pie. I actually get sad when the bowl is empty.

Here's another bowl of yummy oatmeal I had for breakfast this week. Instead of the pumpkin puree, I threw in a frozen banana while cooking the oats. I love cooking the banana in the pot along with the oats because heating the banana enhances the sweetness and dissolves it to add a crave-worthy creamy texture! And for some vitamin C, I had some fresh kiwi on the side. Such a tummy-happy way to start my day.


Long live my morning oats! {Vegan}