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Happy Saturdays

This past Saturday, Abigail and I met up at Hyehwa to catch up (haven't seen Abs in a month since she moved out of Seoul!). I was really excited to take her to Cafe Mano, the vegan-friendly coffeeshop I wrote about before. Last time, I only got a soy cafe latte and didn't try any of their tempting vegan desserts, but this time around, I was determined not to skip out on tasting their treats! We also got to sit outside on their patio, which allowed us to enjoy the cool breeze. What a fab day~!

Cafe Mano

Here's a photo of their soy cafe latte and vegan choco cupcake.

Cafe Mano

Unlike your typical cupcake, this was sunken in the middle, which makes it less appetizing to the eye, but don't let its deflated muffin-top fool you. It was still deliciously moist, rich, and full of chocolatey virtue. And they served it to us warm!

Cafe Mano

Life without chocolate cake would be rather grim.

Cafe Mano

I plan on going back to Cafe Mano to try their other desserts, like their biscotti and cookies. I'm sure their other desserts will be just as scrumdiddlyumptious.


After Cafe Mano, we headed to Uijungbu to meet up with some other folk to celebrate a friend's birthday, and to watch the Korea vs. Uruguay game. We ended up at a restaurant-bar for dinner, but they hardly had any vegan options, so I settled on their overpriced fruit platter. I don't have any problem eating fruit for one meal, but it really shouldn't cost an arm and a leg (17,000won)! At least I can say that I ate 100% raw for dinner last night. I ate the entire plate and was quite stuffed in the end, but all that fruit juice had me needing to pee throughout the night, and I was hungry again within a few hours. Good thing I was able to snack on some nuts and raisins later that night.

Korea vs. Uruguay

After dinner, we all slogged through the rain to Uijungbu Stadium to watch Korea play Uruguay in the round of 16's. Thank goodness the upper seating area was covered, or we would've been drenched in the rain. It was a lot of fun being in a big stadium with so many Korean supporters (although I could've done without the vuvuzelas that were blaring in my ears- yes, they have been adopted by Korean fans too). Unfortunately, Korea lost a hard-fought battle and their run in this 2010 World Cup came to an end. However, I don't think anyone is mourning over the loss because Korea played surprisingly well- they totally owned Uruguay for a good portion of the game!

Oh, and this weekend, Ghana also beat USA to advance to the round of 8's! I'm so proud of Ghana~! (Sorry to my American readers, but I gotta be loyal to the Black Stars^^). Could you imagine if Korea had won and they had to play Ghana next? I would be torn.

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