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Happy (belated) Birthday Yunseo!

One of the things on my 101 List is to only give 'conscious consumer' gifts this year. For me, this basically means giving gifts that are animal, human, and eco-friendly. Nothing that might end up in a landfill some day, nothing that exploits the labor of others, preferably something that isn't factory-made... you get the picture. So far, it's been a lot of fun trying to come up with good ideas for loved ones' birthday presents. Some things I've done are giving art, making a donation to an NGO in that person's name, giving edible plants, and ofcourse, the most obvious choice, giving homemade, healthy vegan food!

Last week was my friend Yunseo's birthday, so I decided to present her with some homemade oat bars, filled with nuts, dried fruits and lotsa love. In addition to the usual suspects (oats, raisins, almonds, pumpkin seeds), I added some other random ingredients that I had on hand, like dried mangoes (from the Philippines), dried plums, pecans, and even a little chopped dark chocolate. I hope she liked them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Wrapped up and ready to go, along with some of my very own art postcards. :)

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Happy (belated) Birthday Yunseo!: snacks