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Cravings lately

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very chill and relaxed, but also quite productive~ I cleaned my room, did laundry, got some drawing done, went on a run, hung out at a cafe at Hongdae, pulled out my sewing machine and updated two dresses and made a bag, met up with the Seoul Art Collective, went to church, and watched a whole lotta World Cup. :) Infact, I'm watching the Portugal vs. N.Korea match as I type (not looking good for N.Korea!). Oh, and I also cooked up some happy weekend eats!

Lately, I've been craving things I rarely craved before. The first one is corn. I love corn on the cob, but I hardly ever buy and cook it myself. In the past, I used to get it from street food vendors, but then I found out that they add sweeteners to the boiling water, and that turned me off from that for a bit. Oh, and let's not forget that lovely incident when I got food poisoning from street-bought corn. Not a pleasant memory... So to satisfy my corn-craving, I've begun buying my own fresh cobs and steaming them myself. A satisfied craving = happy tummy. :)

Freshly steamed corn, and tofu scramble with broccoli, zucchini, and chopped olives.

And then the second thing I've been craving is olives! Just another example of how my taste buds have done a complete '180' because not more than two years ago, I used to have an aversion toward olives. Couldn't understand how anyone could tolerate them. But then I became vegan and saw food in a different light. Now, I'm throwing them into all kinds of dishes. They add such a great salty and almost 'meaty' flavor.

Olives can be somewhat expensive in Korea. Especially if you get the fancy kind at department stores. I've just been getting whole, pitted canned olives from E-Mart.

As my dear friend Lili would say, "You gotta satisfy your cravings so that your future children won't drool!"


Cravings lately {Vegan}