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Cheonan Quickie

Last night, I made a spontaneous trip down to Cheonan so that I could watch the 3:30am Korea vs. Nigeria match at my parents' house. We all woke up at the ass crack of dawn to watch them play a frustrating yet drama-filled game (that PK! argh!). And now after 8 years, Korea has once again advanced to the next round, where we'll face the formidable Uruguay. Sadly, things aren't looking too good for the African teams. Ghana still has some hope tho... Go Black Stars!

Anywayyy~ After I watched the game, I went back to bed for another 3 hours. I've been trying to get more sleep these days because I think my lack of recovery time has affected my running and fitness. Unfortunately, I haven't been too successful with that, since the World Cup games run late into the night here. I think sleep deprivation is just a sacrifice I will have to make this month.

I'm generally not one to post everything I eat, but here are photos of some things I ate today:

For lunch, my parents and I had an abundant lunch of rice, various side dishes, and dwenjang jjigye.

Zucchini banchan

Beansprout namul banchan

Cold cucumber kimchi

vegan bindae ddeok (mungbean pancakes)

Dwenjang jjigye

A refreshing mid-morning glass of cold soymilk tea, flavored with some cinnamon. This was so yummy!

Afternoon snack: watermelon, tomatoes, white melons.

My mom is currently in the process of pickling a ton of garlic. Can't wait to get to try this. I love Korean pickled garlic!

In the afternoon, my mom and I also went for a quick hike. We were hoping to find wild raspberries, but it's not the season yet. But we did get to pick some 앵두, which are basically very small cherries. Nice!

So now I'm back in Seoul, blogging about my day and munching on these cherries. :) Gonna go for a short evening run now. Nite nite folks!

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