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Snacking on Beans

Call me weird, but one of my favorite snacks is a bowl of frozen black beans. Yea... just plain, cooked, frozen-solid, beans. I like to soak and boil a large batch of beans at a time, and then store them in the freezer so I always have beans on hand for cooking meals. But I have to say, more often than not, the beans get eaten up as snacks before I even get around to using them in actual main meal dishes.

It's pretty amazing that beans are one of my choices for snacks because before I became vegan, I used to hate beans. I was one of those Korean kids who would pick the kkong (beans) out of the rice my mom made and sneak them onto my dad's plate when no one was looking... . But now I actually have to stop myself from eating too much!

Eat your beans people!

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