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I've turned into a bit of a health nut lately...

In the span of about 1.5 weeks, I read through both 'Eat to Live' and 'Becoming Vegan,' both of which I ordered online through Kyobo books. I have now educated myself on nutrient density and how to reach optimal health on a vegan diet, and I feel so empowered to make the best choices for my health and well-being. I have nothing but praise for these books and highly, highly recommend them to anyone and everyone, whether vegan or not. I thought I already knew all there was to know about vegan nutrition, but I still learnt so much! I think many vegans mistakenly believe that they are automatically 'healthy' because they don't eat animal products, but it's is still entirely possible to be an under-nourished, junk-food vegan. It's crucial for all of us to do our research and become empowered to thrive and be at our best physical conditions.

So after reading these books, I've made a few changes to my diet recently:

1. eat at least one huge green salad every day.
2. include more raw foods into my meals
3. eat less refined starches (less glutinous white rice... hehe)
4. eat a little bit of raw nuts daily (healthy fats)

So far, I'm loving all the changes. I feel great, my skin has improved, and my stomach doesn't get all bloaty. :) Energy-wise, I'm also doing good and trying to stay active. Infact, the other day, I ran about 13k, along the Han River. It was ah-mazing.

Cheers to good health!

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