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Dubai Restaurant

Last weekend some friends and I were on the lookout for good eats in Itaewon and we ended up Dubai Restaurant. They have quite a few veg options! I don't have a whole lot to say except that everything I ate was awesome.

Lentil Soup (3000 won) for my appetizer. This was sooo good~

"Bread" (1000 won each)

The Mazza plate (9000 won). Clockwise from the top: baba ganoush, labneh (yogurt), and hummus. I stayed away from the labneh, but everything else was really yummy~ My friend and I wiped it all up with our 'bread' til it was practically squeaky clean.

Falafels (7000 won). This was my friend's order and I didn't try it, but he said it was good~ :) It came with a tadziki dip on the side.

I would definitely go here again! The service was also very kind and friendly.

Directions: Itaewon Station, Exit 3. Walk straight. It's right above 'Dunkin Donuts.'

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