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Cook'n Heim @ Samcheong-dong

A group of friends and I recently went to check out Cook'n Heim, which is a gallery-restaurant (get it? Guggenheim? Cook'n Heim?) in Sam Cheong Dong. They are probably best-known for their creative menu of New York/Italian-style fancy burgers, such as the "Art Burger" or "Fromagio Burger". Unfortunately, though their burger menu is quite diverse, there is not one single veggie burger to be seen... (hm, not exactly in tune with their "healthy, environmentally-friendly" food philosophy that they have on their website ).

The majority of our table was ve*gans, so we were looking for veg options. Thankfully, their pasta menu is a little more veg-friendly. One thing to point out is that even though the menu doesn't mention any meat in a dish, they tend to include bits of animals anyway (or cheese). For example, many of the pasta dishes don't say anything about the fact that they come with bacon! (sneaky~) Thankfully, when we stressed that we were veg*an, they assured us that they wouldn't include any pigs in our dishes. :)

For appetizers, they served mini cooked tomatoes with a bit of dairy cream cheese on the bottom. Quite nice, if you can maneuver around the cream cheese.

I didn't eat any of their garlic bread cuz I'm pretty sure there was dairy butter on there.

This is the eggplant pasta. It normally comes with cheese sprinkled on top, but they left it out for us. This was really yummy~

This was my friend's plate of "Oil Sauce" pasta. It originally comes with bacon (not mentioned in the menu description), but they were willing to leave that out for him. I think he was a little overwhelmed by all the garlic, but he said it was good~

The "Patate Plate" which is potato, sweet potato, and squash, baked in olive oil. The dipping sauce was like salsa with a spicy kick. Pretty good!

So overall, my friends and I had a very lovely dinner at Cook'n Heim. The food we ate was nice and made with quality ingredients. It's not the most veg-friendly restaurant out there, but with a few modifications and requests, you can enjoy yourself a tasty meal in an awesome part of Seoul.

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