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If Bunny Could Speak...

Dear Readers of Aliens Day Out,
This is Bunny speaking (I'm the official mascot of this blog). A few of you were asking how I've been, so Mipa has let me take over for this one post. Don't worry, she understands. Afterall, who can blame you- I'm cuter blog material.

It's a hard life being a rabbit.

So~ I'm doing very well these days. Not much is new with me... Oh, except that the fur on my bum is currently shedding as much as the polar icecap is melting. Lately, Mipa has taken to noisily vacuuming the room twice a day and dramatically sneezing at the slightest nose tickle. I really don't know what the big deal is- she should just accept the fact that my shedding is simply a part of nature, and stop trying to lint-roll my ass. But aside from that, life is good. I guess I will admit that she is the best companion-human one could ask for. She regularly leaves her clementine and banana peels on the floor for me to enjoy (rarely the insides though! hmph!), and she lets me jump around on her bed, despite the fact that sometimes I bite holes in her sheets. In return, I try to be a good companion-animal by letting her rub my head when I'm clearly trying to take a nap, and by keeping all my choco balls (aka 'droppings') in my litter box.

Well, that's it for today. Being a fidgety rabbit, I don't have much of an attention span to write a long blog post. I shall make sure that Mipa does a better job of updating all of you on my life in the future. Tooteloo~

Til next time,

( 0'.'0)


. . ... .. <--- choco balls (my parting gift)

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