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Christmas food 2009 recap

This is ridiculously late, but I'm a bit behind on blogging lately, what with the madness that is the holidays. So now it's time to play 'catchup'. Here are photos of some vegan food that my family had over Christmas.

Vegan banana muffins that my mom baked for Christmas morning. She spread some jam on the top and added some colorful sprinkles! :) And what you see in the background are banana pancakes. Yummm.

Fresh fruit!

We kept our Christmas dinner pretty simple, but still delicious: rice, bindae jeon (the pancakes), spinach and raddish side dishes, broccoli, dwenjang jjigye (the soup), and kimchi. No roast beef or stuffed turkey on our table! As always, it was the exact kind of comfort food that I love!


Christmas food 2009 recap {muffins}