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Homemade Mexican Food!!!

This past Saturday, my friend Sylvia threw a housewarming get-together and promised to make Mexican food. I was excited. Not just because I love Mexican, but because I had heard so much about her guacamole that it was about time I would get to try it for myself.

Her guac most definitely did not disappoint! Since I was the first guest to arrive, and being the awesome host that she is, she served me up an individual "kiddie" plate of chips and guac. Maybe it's just been ages since I last had homemade guac, but this was fantastic! It was so fresh, simple, clean, and absolutely yummy. I really have to buy my own avocados and make my own sometime. It's too bad avocados in Korea are so expensive.

Nacho chips & some guacamole action.

Not only did Sylvia whip up that awesome guacamole, she also made a special vegan burrito filling just for me! It had tofu, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and taco spices, and it was alllll good. She definitely knows how to make a vegan feel special!

More burrito fillings: lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, & salsa

Sooo mouth-wateringly delicious.

For dessert, while the others ate non-vegan cake, I got to feast on a plate of juicy peaches. These peaches were so good, I was not jealous of their cake one bit!

I left Sylvia's place feeling stuffed to the brim. I honestly haven't had such delicious homemade Mexican food, ever. Thanks Sylvia!!!

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