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Build Your Own Vegan Burrito at 'On The Border'

'On the Border' is where you go to get huge portions of Mexican food at an American-style restaurant. Their prices aren't exactly cheap, but if you're looking for a dining experience that reminds you of being back in the States, this is where you go.

Anyway, my friends and I were at COEX and chose 'On the Border' for dinner. Even though it was a weekday, we still had to wait about 40 minutes to get seated! Ridonkulous. Normally, I wouldn't wait that long for any restaurant, but we weren't in much of a rush, and COEX is a good place to waste time. My favorite part of going to 'On the Border' is their bottomless nacho chips and salsa. They always refill the nacho basket without even asking! Sorry, no picture of the chips- we were too busy getting our stomachs prepped for the real meal.

'On the Border' doesn't have many entrees on their menu for a vegan, let alone a vegetarian. But they do have something called the 'Build Your Own Burrito' option, where you fill out an order form with the list of burrito fillings, sauces, and sides, ticking the ones you want! If there aren't any 'BYO Burrito' forms at your table, just ask the waiter and they'll provide you with some. The base price is about 17,000 won, unless you add extra fillings, then it's 1000won per additional filling. For my burrito, I got sauteed vegetables, black beans, and caramelized onions and bell peppers. I chose not to get any sauce because I'm not sure that any of them are vegan, and also, they pour the sauce over the top of the burrito, which makes it kinda soggy for my taste. If you're a vegan, you also specifically have to tell them that you don't want ANY cheese on the plate, because otherwise, they will sprinkle grated cheese on the top of your burrito and on your salad. Once you tell them though, it's no problem. For the side, I always get the salad since it's just so green and fresh! I also really like their jalapeno pepper vinaigrette dressing. :) Btw, if you're vegan, I wouldn't get the 'Mexican rice' for your side dish or burrito filling because from past experience, I'm pretty sure they use butter in it.

So that's how I built my own vegan burrito. :) It was really good, and after filling half my stomach up on nacho chips, I couldn't even finish my plate. Yay for American-style portions, and bottomless nacho chips!

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