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i miss my vacay

On the last day of my vacation, my sister and I spent a fun-filled day at the beach. We got to HB around lunch time and went back to 'Bodhi Tree' since my sister hadn't been there before. She ordered their tofu with snap peas, and I ordered the tofu and stirfried veggies. They look the same, but they're not! And ofcourse, everything was delicious, and the service very kind. The owner actually recognized me from my previous visit! He seems like a very nice, friendly man, and he jokingly told my sister and I was his best customer. haha... Too bad I won't be his customer again for a long time! After our meal, we ordered a Thai Ice Coffee and a Thai Ice Tea to-go. They added vegan whipped cream on top!

We also checked out the Farmer's Market for a little bit. I think it's open every Thursday.

After laying out on the beach and strolling by the water for a bit, my sister and I decided to rent bikes and cruise along the beach for an hour. ($8.00/per hour/per bike) It was a lot of fun, but we had to be careful around the areas with a lot of pedestrians. Luckily, I've had some experience with maneuvering around pedestrians in tight spaces while riding my bike in Seoul. But once we got further away from HB, it was smooth sailing!

One bummer was that the next day the annual US Surf Open was to start right at Huntington Beach! This event is apparently the world's biggest surfing competition, and I was missing it by one measly day! Bah. So while I saw all the stages, seats, stores, and ramps being set up, I didn't get to see any action. Bad timing, I guess.

Anyhoo, for dinner before I went to catch my flight, I ate a bagel with some hummus that we bought at Trader Joes. T'was yummyyy. Even though hummus is pretty simple to make at home (if you have a good blender), sometimes you just want it to be made for you. My sister, grandma and I almost finished this tub in one sitting.

Well folks, that pretty much wraps up my vegan vacation/adventure! I had suuuuch a good time and was totally blown away by the amazing vegan options in SoCal. There were so many restaurants that I badly wanted to check out, but just didn't have the time. Seeing all the abundant veg options really made me want to relocate back to the US where being a vegan would be a piece of cake... I think it's time to plan my escape from Korea... .. But I guess I should be thankful for the 'vegan training' that I'm getting while I'm here. It's keeps me from being spoilt, and it forces me to learn to cook on my own. :)

Thanks for following me on my vegan vacation! Tootles~

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